leek grilled cheese

Celebrating the Grilled Cheese Month.


•leeks   •goat cheese   •sour cream   •graham bread   •sliced Edam cheese   •butter   •black pepper
Start with cutting leeks in half moon shapes.
Melt some butter in a skillet.
Add leeks and stir as they cook.
When leeks begin to soften, add goat cheese.
And sour cream.
Season with black pepper and remove from heat.
Place some goat cheese-leeks and two slices of cheese on each sandwich.
Again, melt butter in a skillet.
Grill the sandwich until the bread is golden brown and the cheese has melted.

leek grilled cheese

Jade, thanks for your comment, it... Thanks, Denis :) It's always a... I actually find the website design... What a great website design, love...
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4/20/2012 4:20:43 PM

Jade, thanks for your comment, it actually motivated us to finally improve the scrolling :) It should be more convenient now. We're still working on te site and user insights are always welcomed. As for the ingredients, I don't really see the point in giving specific measurements in a sandwich recipe, since everything can be liberally adjusted to personal preferences. I might consider changing this though, if it was to make things easier for some readers.

4/20/2012 4:20:30 PM

Thanks, Denis :) It's always a good time to have a nice sandwich.

4/20/2012 11:39:49 AM

I actually find the website design a pain, outdated, and a little freshman. Would have rather been able to see the entire recipe with one click instead of that annoying scrolling! Would also like the ingredients lists, would be nice for those of us who want to try to make at home.

4/19/2012 9:30:30 PM

What a great website design, love it! Just as I love this sandwich, would like one right now actually;)

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