pb'n'j ice cream sandwich

Peanut butter cookies and strawberry sorbet make perfect PB&J!


•2/3 cup flour   •1/2 cup sugar   •100 g softened butter   •1/3 cup oatmeals   •1/2 cup peanut butter   •1 egg   •1 tsp. baking soda   •strawberry sorbet
Here's how to make sorbet on:
You can also make your own peanut butter! Start by roasting some peanuts.
Add salt and blend in a food processor.
You can also add some honey.
Blend until they reach
a desired consistency.
Cookies! Combine soda with flour.
Mix peanut butter, sugar and butter with an electric mixer.
Crack an egg and combine
using a wooden spoon.
Add the flour-soda mix.
And the oatmeals. Combine.
Form cookies on a baking sheet lined with parchemnt paper.
Bake for 13 minutes at 120C.
Cool the cookies completely and place in a freezer for a couple of minutes.
Place some soften sorbet on a cookie.
Cover with another cookie.

pb'n'j ice cream sandwich

Piękne ciasteczka, a jakże smakowite z...
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7/17/2012 6:01:25 PM

Piękne ciasteczka, a jakże smakowite z pysznym orzeźwiającym sorbetem. Znakomity przepis na ciasteczka, na pewno skorzystam :) Serdecznie pozdrawiam :)

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